Our founder

Welcome to the AICC,

My name is Sandra and like many Africans, I realized that I was Black when I left my home country of Benin, West Africa, at the age of 17 for university.

The realization of the negative perception of people of African descent, coupled with the many negative stereotypes and discrimination against us, slowly created in me a need to do something positive.

Years later, as a young mother who moved to Toronto, Canada, I felt an urgency to create a place where children and young adults could be educated about the history, identity, culture and values of Black people. I simply felt that ignorance on these subjects was the mother of many other societal ills.

For the optimist in me, there is hope for the next generations and even for my own! As the late Nelson Mandela said, « Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world ». The AICC was born!

Thank you for boarding on this journey with me for a better world.

Sandra Adjou-Moumouni, Akiremy

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