Our mission

AICC is a non-profit organization, established in September 2018, offering services to accompany children and youth, to become aware of the identity, values and culture of African-descended people.

In concrete terms, the AICC aims to

  • Accompany and build future leaders: proud, whole, without complexes and aware of the added value of each and every one as an individual;
  • Progressively destroy the negative and often insidious ideas about African-descendants;
  • To contribute to a better knowledge of the history and diversity of the black identity, in a concern of integration and opening;



  • To help create an economically strong, cohesive and more cohesive community to meet the social challenges of our time;
  • Allow youth to dream big, without limits; introduce them to mentors
  • To give youth the potential to value themselves, to be respected in the social environment by developing their self-assertion

To summarize, the AICC helps build proud, ambitious and prosperous communities for a winning Canada and World.

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