On June 19th, the CICA closed its workshops for this school year in style! This special workshop was also part of the official program of the aiccfrancofest organized by the Centre Francophone de Hamilton.

We also celebrated Father’s Day and the Day of the African Child in June. The International Day of the African Child was established in memory of the massacre of hundreds of children during a march for their rights in Soweto, South Africa by the apartheid government on June 16, 1976. It is a day commemorated annually since June 16, 1991 by the Organization of African Unity, now the African Union.

We have encouraged our audience to participate in the life of the African child from the diaspora through awareness raising activities and/or fundraising to support initiatives so that all African children can have
access to education, health care, a decent standard of living and be taken into account in decisions that affect them. A simple reason is that this reality concerns us all as humans.

So here’s how this beautiful, informative, and festive meeting went! »
After a speech by Sandra, our founder and then by Julie Jardel, the executive director of the Centre Francophone Hamilton, it was CICA’s Marie-Carlène who set the tone for the afternoon and tested our knowledge about La Francophonie with three short questions through the Baccalauréat game.

Then, Tata Nana led us under the palaver tree for story time. We understood through her story, the importance of respecting parents and also avoiding gluttony! Thank you Auntie Nana for your always interactive, singing and instructive tales.

It was then the turn of Dr. Amadou to lead us into the positive history of Afro-descendants and particularly the contribution of Afro-descendants to the building of Canada. It is in this perspective that he introduced us to John Ware, also known as the Black Cowboy of Western Canada. The young people were once again very impressive with their questions, their attention and especially their correct answers to the quiz that our facilitator gave them at the end of the workshop.

By way of introduction, Dr. Amadou is a historian, researcher, professor and author of several books including : The Africa of the Great Empire (7th-17th century), The Forgotten Story of the Contribution of Black Slaves and Soldiers to the Building of Canada (1604-1945).

He participates in the valorization of the history of Afro-descendants in Canada. The CICA is always proud to receive him and we appreciate the precious time he gives us. THANK YOU Dr. Amadou and see you soon!

Our CICAian Jade then took us on a journey with the discovery of the country with the largest number of French speakers on the African continent. Did you guess? It is indeed the DRC.

Afterwards, Dada Jenny tested our knowledge with a Kahoot about children in the world; this was our MON  »I » positive affirmation capsule of the meeting.

Auntie Nana gave us the last workshop of our meeting and got us moving with Auntie Olga on a choreography specially designed for the CICA.

WOW what an afternoon! It was with a final dance that we closed this meeting.

This first CICA at aiccfrancofest was a huge success. Thank you to the Centre Francophone Hamilton, to our facilitators, young and old, and to all those who worked behind the scenes to make this event a success. A special thank you to.
Tata Christelle who also coordinated the event.

This is also an opportunity to say THANK YOU to every CICA member, to the volunteers, to our future members, to our supporters.

See you soon for new adventures.
Have a great summer everyone!

Sandra Adjou Akiremy

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