The Night of storytelling 2020

The Night of storytelling 2020

Tales are part of the daily life of African countries. They constitute an oral literature who aims at the transmission of the values of the society in which they are told. Without a dedicated author because generally transmitted from generation to generation or updated to reflect the realities of society, they are moments of community sharing for an audience of all ages.

It is therefore with great pleasure that CICA volunteers participated in the « Nuit du conte 2020 » in partnership with the CCF of Thunder Bay, the Réseau de soutien à l’immigration francophone du Nord de l’Ontario and with the support of Canadian Heritage to take us on a journey into the global and plural Francophonie.

This event closing the National Francophone Immigration Week was the evening not to be missed on November 7, 2020. This date also coincided with International Storytelling Day.

With their different French-speaking accents, professional and amateur artists made us laugh and feel full of positive emotions. On the program, we had: Alexandre Matte, Le R Premier, Djennie Laguerre, Florian François and Daphney Joseph and our talented members.

The participants, warm under their duvets or with their cups of chocolate, were able to appreciate the Francophone riches of our beautiful country Canada.

It was a fabulous experience to resume certainly!

Thank you to the participants and especially to:

Zanrényé, tchouw fè fil – Eloria Patou does not like the madman – Pamela Attention vengeance – Kader The rooster, the sparrowhawk and the sun – Granny Aada Why the rooster sings? – Assa family Little Afo – Assa Matondo family and the gemstone – Mutien

The Night of storytelling 2020

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